Core knowledge and skills are very important in the process of preparing for the initial job search. There is no denying that employers pay more attention to candidates with exceptional soft skills especially in industries that involve a high degree of customer contact.

With employers' preference in mind, we at BAKA AIRCADEMY believe preparation is key to be a better candidate for the job. Our expertise at BAKA AIRCADEMY since we started in 2010 offers a special training program for you who have the desire to be competitive in the field of Customer Service, Tourism, Hospitality Airline industry and Corporate Communications.

Our programmes provide the interested participants a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to not only secure the position desired but also to further succeed on the job.


Preparatory Cabin Crew & Airline Customer Service Certificate Program

This program is a 2 in 1 program that includes an English for Airline Customer Service program as well for better English communication skill development. The subjects / topics covered in this program are:

Grooming and Deportment
Airline History
Career as a Cabin Crew & Airline Customer Service Agent
Communication Skills
Interview Techniques and Guidelines and more

English for Airline Customer Service Program

Inclusive of TOEIC test (Test Of English For International Communication)

This English program exposes the participants to vocabulary and appropriate English that will be used often in the Airline Industry and the business world too. Emphasis is also placed on improving listening and speaking skills through plenty of audio listening practices, discussions and presentations. This program also prepares the students to sit for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) to meet the required English level for the Airline industry as well as Customer Service, Tourism, Hospitality and Corporate Communications.


Customer Care & Communications Program

This program is a 2 in 1 program that includes an English preparation course for the TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communications).