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The Transportation Industry has grown today which is evident with the emergence of new routes, budget airlines as well as the development of luxury bus coaches for interstate travel. Due to this development job opportunities in this service industry are also growing.

At Aircademy we believe that preparation is key, so we have developed a course that combines 2 certificates to give our students that competitive edge.

- Advanced Preparatory Cabin Crew Certificate
- Certificate in Effective English Communication

Advanced Preparatory Cabin Crew Certificate
Introduction to the Airline Industry / Pengenalan Industri Penerbangan
Indepth information regarding the Airline Industry i.e. types of airplanes, common airline terms and codes used in the industry.

Informasi mendalam mengenai industri penerbangan seperti pengenalan kepada jenis-jenis pesawat, istilah penerbangan dan kod-kod penerbangan.
Airline History / Sejarah Penerbangan
Introduction to its history of the development of Airline companies in Malaysia and globally.

Sejarah dan pengenalan syarikat-syarikat penerbangan Malaysia dan antarabangsa.

Career as a Cabin Crew / Kerjaya seorang Krew Kabin
Features, duties and responsibilities of a Cabin Crew.

Tugas-tugas, tanggungjawab dan ciri-ciri pramugari dan pramugara

Grooming and Deportment / Tatahias dan penampilan
Guide on proper appearances and behaviour complete with make-up and hair as well as 'catwalk' sessions.

Cara-cara penampilan diri dan tatasusila yang termasuk sesi make-up dan 'catwalk'
Customer Service / Perkhidmatan Pelanggan
Mastery of effective customer service techniques in the industry.

Penguasaan teknik-teknik perkhidmatan pelanggan berkesan dalam industri.
Food and Beverages / Makanan dan minuman
Introduction to the culinary ethics and art through practical training.

Pengenalan kepada etika dan seni perkhidmatan culinari di dalam pesawat melalui latihan praktikal.
Basic First Aid and Safety / Pertolongan Cemas Asas dan keselamatan diri asas
Introduction to the basic procedures of first aid and safety required on an airline.

Pengetahuan asas pertolongan cemas (first aid) prosedur keselamatan
General Knowledge / Pengetahuan Am
Exposure to general knowledge on travel destinations.

Pengetahuan am geografi dan ekonomi negara-negara destinasi.
Interview Techniques and Guidelines / Garispanduan dan Teknik Temuduga
Exposure to good interview techniques to pass the interview.

Teknik-teknik Temuduga yang berhasil.
Certificate in Effective English Communication

English for Effective Communication for Cabin Crew
An intensive English programme for communication is provided with the Preparatory Cabin Crew Course. This additional course covers the following
skills that improve communication that has global benefits:

- Listening
Language focus

Kursus intensif komunikasi Bahasa Inggeris diadakan bersama kursus Cabin Crew. Kursus tambahan ini meningkatkan kemahiran didalam bahasa Inggeris dengan faedah-faedah global. Subjek yang akan diadakan adalah seperti diatas.

Bonus Module on Finance Management
Basic Personal Financial Management / Pengurusan Kewangan Peribadi Asas
Personal financial management skills to efficiently manage funds.

Pendidikan dan pengurusan kewangan peribadi untuk penjagaan wang yang cekap.

As an added value to our course, placement job interviews can be arranged for students that complete our course successfully.

If you are interested to be the best candidate for the job and want a career in the travel industry please contact us by email at for more information.

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